1. "A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know." - Diane Arbus

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    North American wild flowers, By Walcott, Mary Vaux, 1860-1940 Abbot, C. G. (Charles Greeley), 1872-1973 Walcott, Mary Vaux, 1860-1940 on Flickr.

    Publication info Washington, D.C.,Smithsonian Institution,1925 [i.e. 1925-1928]
    BHL Collections:
    Smithsonian Libraries

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  3. Late birthday climbing around at Rattlesnake Lake with @glittrkittn. (at Rattlesnake Lake)

  5. Sister Rosetta Tharpe in Manchester, 1964.

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  6. Blondie at CBGB photographed by Justin Borucki, 1977

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    Paul Klee, Over Egypt, 1929

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    In surreal news, a Japanese artist launched a Bonsai Tree and a bouquet of flowers into space. 

    Take a look at the incredible, extraterrestrial images

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    Go to bread.

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