1. fastcodesign:

    Check Out These Punk Rock Posters, Remixed With Swiss Modernism

    The Swissted collection doesn’t intend to literally explain any band’s sound or look. In honor of Swiss modernist principles, graphic designer Mike Joyce created abstract expressions instead. “If you look at Josef Muller-Brockmann’s ‘Musica Viva’ series, there’s not a musical instrument or musician to be seen,” Joyce tells Co.Design. “He used shape, structure, motion, color, and typography to evoke the feeling of music.”

    Read and see more posters here: Co.Design

    While I don’t hate Swiss Modernism, I do hate this application of it. 

    (via fastcompany)

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    While I don’t hate Swiss Modernism, I do hate this application of it.
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    Bikini Kill is my favorite.
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